Dream Dark is a nightmare

These little “novellas” are starting to get annoying. I read this in 30 minutes. And it feels like a waste of the $1.99 to amazon. The preview of the next full length book was longer. And if I need the few facts that were learned in this little detour then we should just get them in one of the longer books. For those who agree that a book that takes less than an hour to read isn’t worth it visit my blog over the next few days and I will tell you all you need to know from this book there! The details themselves and theorizing weren’t bad so the 2-star rating isn’t because of that… It’s because of the length to cost ratio. Shame the publishers for charging for the 50 measly pages.


One comment

  1. I completely agree. While shopping for books on my Kindle, I always find books under $2.00, but a majority of them are extremely short novellas. I’ve come across some that I read in less than 10 minutes. Not cool. It would make much more sense to insert a prologue into the actual book, rather than stagger the releases of a million short novellas, only to lead up to a full-length book.


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