Billy the Kid, Scatach and Vampyres? Awe.Some.

I know it has been a very quiet month of September.  If you knew how crazy the month is in my family (the number of birthdays and anniversaries is staggering) you would understand.  Then factor in that my day job, which is unfortunately NOT keeping this site running, always has a very busy September, and well… that leaves not much time for reading for Kristen!

I do have some posting to catch up on.  First, I read JR Ward’s latest in the Fallen Angel’s series, Envy.  I must say that I think the series is improving.  I liked this one the best so far out of that series.  Review and tracker pages to come shortly.

I would like to take a moment to plug a few things though – first, Random House, the publisher of an absolutely wonderful series by author Michael Scott has given the portal that I am “staff” for a great endorsement – take a gander at the following page:  On the lower left, there is a “For Fans” section – with a link to our portal (and the great forum where we discuss the series)! The only downside to the page, in my opinion, is that it was awful difficult to find without the direct link… but maybe that was just me.

Even better though is the announcement on that page of the new short story Mr. Scott has written about my favorite female character – Scathach the Shadow.  From the synopsis it looks like we will see Billy and Scatty in battle.  And, it looks like they will be fighting on the same side… now that is interesting given how all the parties lined up (at least at first) in the series.  Although after the end of the Warlock, my head is spinning and I definitely need a flow chart to track who is related, who is on which side, and who’s elder is who, and all those other details (that’s where the portal is so helpful, btw.  And if you are wondering why my tracker pages aren’t more helpful since I love this series so much, it’s because the portal ROCKS and why re-do work that is already available there? Hmmm?)  Now, if only Palamedes were to show up since I like Billy the Kid, but not nearly as much as the Saracen Knight.

If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I have mixed feelings about the whole “ebook only” phenomenon.  Too often writers think (or maybe its the editors and/or publishers, but it really doesn’t matter which party is at fault) that ebook only means they don’t need to put the same type of story telling effort – or writing effort – into these little short stories/in-between stories/prequels/extras/etc. (since everyone seems to be doing it and they all call them something different!).  However, that is not the case with Mr. Scott.  If you read the first one, The Death of Joan of Arc: A Lost Story from the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, you know that Mr. Scott put the same effort into that one.  And I expect nothing less from Billy the Kid and the Vampyres of Vegas.  Let’s face it, that kind of title is more creative and illustrative of more effort that most authors put into those extras.  So, I am eagerly awaiting November 22nd (and 2012 for the Enchantress!) so I can sink my teeth into that story.

The synopsis from the RH page:  Years before Sophie & Josh Newman met Nicholas Flamel, two legendary warriors fought together for the first time. Billy the Kid & Scathach the Shadow. Now that lost story can be told…



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