Spoiling the Mystery!

Another day, another book read, and another category of books to keep track of.  Yep, I realized that I was leaving out an entire category of books that I like to read.  Which one is that?  Mysteries.  I could probably put a large portion of them in SciFi or PNR, since most of them have that sort of slant (let’s face it, I don’t really read just your normal mystery) bet they really would be better served in their own category.

A new feature, unique to those pages through, is the “Spoiling the Mystery” – the who done it section.  When you want to cut to the chase and just see who the murderer or thief or other type of bad guy is, there’s the answer.  Since the details of the crimes themselves usually don’t need to be remembered across books it’s not really significant for the “Other Things…” section.  So…  it’s the big spoiler – you have been warned!

This category will carry the likes of the Victoria Laurie, Madelyn Alt, Annette Blair, Sarah Zettel and others.  I am starting with Sarah Zettel’s first in the Vampire Chef series.  I saw somewhere that it may only be two books, but I am hoping it will be more than that.  I am starting there because it’s all so fresh since I finished A Taste of the Nightlife yesterday.  Then I will try to catch up on Madelyn Alt’s Bewitching Series.  And, we’ll go from there!

Any suggestions on what to read here?  I admit, this is the one category where I don’t have a huge “to read” list…



  1. hmm…I’m not sure I have recommendations for those categories specifically, but The Dante Club is an awesome mystery. The bad guy is killing off people using methods of torture and death from Dante’s Inferno….a fascinating read for a literary guru!


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