Lord of Rage (Royal House of Shadows #2)

The second in the Royal House of Shadows seies, this was a huge deviation from the first installment.  I like Gena Showalter so the first installment was a disappointment.  This installment was very different.  While I wouldn’t say it was the best PNR I’ve read this year, it was a huge improvement over the first installment.  

Here, the sister of the group is on the run from the Blood Sorcerer.  And she encounters someone who thinks that her kingdom invaded his people and killed all his people but he and his two younger brothers.  As she asks for help learning how to get revenge from her warrior (who she had been dreaming of) Osborn they fall in love.  And she convinces Osborn to train his younger brothers too.  Then, she sets out to get her revenge.  The happily ever after comes in her kingdom, which is a little unexpected (I won’t say how; don’t want to spoil!).

I’ve never read Jill Monroe before.  I enjoyed her style and the story overall.  On the steaminess scale, this gets a 3 out of 5.  I must admit, it still felt like the group of ladies who planned this whole thing out were trying to pull off too much.  To get vamps, wolfs, beserkers, etc., all into the series makes it feel… crowded.  Although the explination of the curse was so much clearer in this version- frankly, I would have re-ordered thee books (and since i amwriting this review after reading the next one too…) so that this was frist, the third was second and the first was third.

The relationship development here was on par with the standard PNR story.  The dialogue too.  Better then most of this genre, however, we didn’t have the whiney “I’m not good enough for him/her…” that normally goes on.  And, the ending was interesting and sets up the non-romance plot of the books that come next.

Might have to seek out more of Jill Monroe’s stuff after this!


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