Luck of the Devil

Luck of the Devil by Patricia Elmer can be summed up in two words:  awesome fun! My biggest disappointment with this book: I always look to goodreads to tell me if books are to be part of a series, and it looks like it is a standalone.  I want more!  **stomps feet** That’s a bummer because it was a great cast of characters and a great little world.  They were funny, it was action packed and it was a great little escape.  I would love to see more of these characters.

We have Faith, the youngest daughter of the Devil.  She lives in an apartment in Pittsburgh and she’s a nurse.  She a demon and supposed to cause mayhem, but she’s really good at heart.  She has a thing for her neighbor, a geeky lawyer named Matt (and there is more to Matt then first meets the eye).  And her roommate Lisa has been turned into a succubus by her half brother, Tolliver.  When her sister Hope comes to town, family in tow, things get a little crazy.  If they aren’t trying to deal with Lisa’s latest accidental kill, they are trying to deal with the family drama of Hopes’ husband “falling up”, her looney mother’s looney-ness, the resident “spirit” thing that’s Malachai.  All while Faith tries to avoid a stalker and date her neighbor and enjoy her week of vacation.

How could this not be fun: J (that is short of Jesus) moonlights as a paramedic and helps his cousins the demons; God and the Devil play Mario Kart over Dunkin’ Donuts; Malachai is a little demon protector thing that can change his appearance at will from being a debonair James Bond look-a-like to a Japanese geisha; Mom thinks that Satan isn’t really immortal, just really, really old and while she’s met God she believes in her own flow of things; and last but not least, Hopes husband, a half demon finds God and goes all good on everybody.

I love Faith’s inner voice.  While not Jane True good, she’s funny and smart and feels like the average normal woman.  The action is well done and the pace of the plot is perfect.  We get some romance, some action, lots of comedy and all the things that make me love to read.  We got to know the characters, and feel attached to them but it wasn’t all set-up and no plot.  This really is the perfect first book in a series – so, hint, hint to the author.

The evilness isn’t dark and ugly evil.  Satan is a likable character because he’s such a typical father.  We don’t get any darkness here; it’s all good hearted light fun and humor.  I laughed out loud a number of times, causing those around me to look at me and wonder “what is she reading?”!  I highly recommend this book to those who are fans of the Queen Betsy or Vegas Vamps books.


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