The Last Archangel – the First in the Series?

The Last Archangel by Michael D. Young.

I was… intrigued… by the synopsis.  The idea of giants and angels put this wacky cartoon like image in my head.  But, I kept an open mind, thinking, let’s see how this goes.  It was an interesting read, and an interesting story.

There are two (sort of) separate story lines that come together about a third of the way through, but it feels tangential because while the characters come together, they do so only briefly.  And they come together again at the end, in preparation for at least one other additional book.  At least I assume that the author intends another book, since it’s not stated that this is part of, or the start of, a series.   I will address the few problems I had with the plot, but to start, let’s see if we can’t summarize the plot a little better then the synopsis.

Eden’s husband flipped a personality switch and went all weird on her.  And then disappeared.  She’s trying to find him.  She enlists the help of her friend Judy and the two start a search.  And they begin to encounter some bizarre and creepy things, like demonic snakes and demon hell fire.   It’s clear from the start that Eden’s husband is going to be found to have been possessed by a demon.  And Judy, in their travels ends up facing some life altering changes herself.  And we learn, that Eden needs some special protecting and gets assigned a special guardian angel.  How things with her end, well, that would spoil things.  But Eden, her search, and the demonic changes are one story line.

Then we have Xandir.  He’s an angel who was punished for something in heaven long ago.  His current mission is to dole out justice or mercy to those who deserve it.  His story line is clearly the much more complicated one.  And, it’s the one with a few holes and takes up the majority of the book.   Xandir’s mission changes (and I don’t really get why) part way through the book.  He ends up assigned as Eden’s guardian angel.  Meanwhile, however, he is convinced by some giants to help steal a seed from a tree located on an island sitting at the jaws of hell.  To accomplish this mission he needs to detour to the Himalayas to see the Yearti and has quite a number of adventures on the island (which according to this story, is the island that inspired the story of Atlantis).  And, at the end, Xandir’s story comes together with Eden’s.  I won’t reveal how, but it shocked me on some levels and on others, I was waiting for it to happen.  I knew it had to, I knew we had to get an explanation as to the title of the book, I just wasn’t sure exactly how it was going to happen.

A few things that I would have liked to see explained better – Xandir is told that he has to protect Eden at all costs, but he simply disappears and never really sees any repercussions as a result.  We are told that there will be repercussions if he fails, but, when suddenly an army of other angels show up to protect Eden, it’s all glossed over.   I also was a little lost when Jarom assumed Xandir’s debt and that lets them escape the island again.  And then, we know that he access to the island is conditioned on not letting anyone go, but when Tobias’s deal comes to light… again, no repercussions.  And why can some of those who are possessed survive and others can’t?  And then the references to the names of demons when the group of the demons get together – there seems to be a relationship between some of them but it’s not entirely evident what that relationship is.  I ended up re-reading a bit to see if I missed something.

The giants weren’t the comical giants my mind conjured.  They weren’t entirely not comical though either.  I mean the magma ship?  It made me chuckle.  And I am not exactly sure I see how one individual new baby giant will propagate the race (isn’t one of each required?  I am not biologist or medical doctor, but….)

Anyway, there was some action (avalanche, fighting with giants, demon snake battles, fires, etc.).  And there is definitely a little theology.  There’s some personality in some of the characters – Xandir, Li’l Halo and Judy for example.  The ending felt a little abrupt (and some of imagery in the end was a little disturbing to me).  But, overall, it was an enjoyable story, something different even for stories around angels since the introduction of giants was a unique idea.  I just wish I was prepared for what was really a cliff hanger.

It was a good story – and wet my appetite to see how the world will be saved from evil.  Hope there is a second book!



  1. Thanks for your review! I have already mapped out the next two books in this series, and I hope to be able to get to writing them soon. It all depends if this first book does well. I’m very excited about launching this book and I’ll be working hard to promote it so that I can keep going on this story line.


  2. Glad to hear there will be a second one! I am looking forward to it. It was such a unique idea – angels, demons and giants… I never would have guessed initially that it would work so well. But you pulled it off! 🙂


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