Witches, Riders and Weres, oh my!

I was busy this weekend reading all about witches, were-cougars (and some werewolves), horseman of the apocalypse and demon hosts and pandora’s box.  While I didn’t get to updating the Lord’s of the Underworld page yet, I have provided key info on a few good series.  Most books have reviews, some don’t (call me lazy, I preferred reading to writing review this weekend).  Here’s where our Witches, Riders and Weres come from:

  • Accidentally Catty (Accidental #5) – another great installment! We have were-cougars here on top of all the other paranormals!
  • Southern Witch series – the first two installments.  These are a little mis-categorized, I think, but they have been fun so far.  We get witches, weres, vamps, and crazy gun-shootin’ Texans (no offense – I love all my Texan friends, and enjoyed Dallas thoroughly when I was there, but the author plays up the gun-shooting stereotype, and I am just pointing that out).
  • Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance #1) and the Demonica pages – here we get demons of all sorts (in true PNR fashion, we get lots of steaminess balanced with saving the world from a big bad evil) and the Four Horseman (in an interesting twist, only one is trying to bring about the apocalypse while the others, united with the demons from the Demonica series, are trying to save humanity).  Love.  Them.
The Demonica/LOD (as opposed to the LOU pages which need updating now that I’ve read Amun’s awesome story) are giving me some technological problems too.  The formatting is all off.  And I can’t figure out how to fix it.  Meantime, there’s no issue with the info presented, so just bear with while I try to fix the issues with the formatting.  Especially since I started the galley of Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz (so far, it’s got witches, past lives, and a teen first love/soul mate love story…)
Happy series reading!

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