Werewolves Abound

I picked up a copy of Vicki Lewis Thompson’s A Werewolf in Manhattan a few weeks ago.  I hadn’t read any of her other stuff (although now I am interested in at least the Witch books) and was pleasantly surprised.  I think I have found yet another series to read.  But, I realized, Manhattan must be pretty crowded with all the supernatural folks that live there.  Although, given how much of this book takes place in Chicago, the title might be a little off.

Regardless, I liked it.  And I have added yet another series to the list of those that I like to read.  At least based off the first book anyway.  The review is below if you don’t want to be spoiled by the page for the book.

Review:  This series is in the same vein as Strange Neighbors, Vegas Vamps, and the like.  We have a couple falling in love and there’s a story but it’s not based on some great big bad evil.

Wild About You #1

I liked the pair that was created.  And the character development was decent for this type of book.  It was a great fantasy that was created.  And so far, a very nice cast of supporting characters in the family.  I expect we will see Roarke and Nadia and maybe others too.  There was decent comic relief – Emma found a sense of humor in Aidan and it was fun to read.  One of the nice things about this particular book is that we see the pair get together relatively early on in the book and there’s some nice steam through out – we aren’t waiting until the end when they finally realize they can be together before they hook up.  (I mean, this is in the romance genre afterall.)

The story isn’t anything especially different or unique.  These PNR all seem to follow a very familiar formula.  But the dialogue and interaction between the characters is good, and I felt like I was rooting for them to end up together.  So, it was the nice little escape from reality that I am looking for when I read these.  I will definitely pick up he next installment in October!



  1. Hi! Do you know any good YA books for boys? My brother is 12 and he’s looking! To give you an idea, he’s liked the Harry Potters, Percy Jackson, and Hunger Games! Thank you 🙂


    1. Absolutely! One of the best out there is The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel. The first in that series is called The Alchemyst. Holly Black’s Modern Fairy Tale is a good series too. And while I love Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments I think her Infernal Devices might be more enjoyed by a boy. So many of the YA books are told from the girl’s POV and so I have limited my recommendations a little as a result. The Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan are also good even though they would probably be less challenging reads. If you need more, just let me know! Thanks for visiting!


  2. Ooops! I forgot to mention Blood Ninja by Nick Lake. The title implies much more violence then there is. But if you read the page on the book you’ll see where the title came from. I am not quite finished with the second book but it’s good so far. And it’s something think a 12 yr old boy would enjoy!


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