Lover Unleashed Review

Installment number nine feels more like the PNR types that hooked me into this series in the first place and less “urban fantasy”.  Which was a pleasant surprise.  I was disappointed with the shift in categories for this series; I felt like it really harmed the last two installments.  But, here, I felt like I was reading the same series that books one and two were from and it was great.  The downside to this book – it felt like it was a set-up book and didn’t move us forward in the fight against the Omega and the lessers.  While there were a few battle scenes, we got more side stories and more of Xcor’s band of merry vampires more then we got of the lessers.  And the serial killer/police stuff?  I just don’t know what to expect coming out of that.  We last saw Butch’s partner in Butch’s book, so why bring him back now?  And why all the set up with his new partner?  I am just not sure where that is going.

It was also… unique… to see so much of another couple in a book in this type of series.  The troubles that Jane and Vishous have throughout are not generally seen in the the PNR genre.  I am not saying it’s a bad thing.  In fact, it was in some ways refreshing.  But it was different.  We usually get these books (especially in the couple-per-book book series) and the couples pair off and live happily ever after and we never see any real struggles between them.  Vishous and Jane have some real bumps to get over in this book.  They do, obviously, and the troubles didn’t seem contrived nor did the solution.  But it was different for this genre.

When we get interaction between the brothers, the banter is great, as always.  The fighting is bloody as always.  The one real criticism that I have is that the slang seems to be getting… well… out of control.  I have always liked that the writing and the dialogue seems to go with they way I would picture guys like this to speak.  But if I have to read “true” one more time….  And the abbreviations of words like situation into sitch when it’s not dialogue sometimes feel contrived and forced.  Like the author is trying to hard to be cool.  There were moments where I had to stop and figure out what the heck she was trying to say.

But, it still was a great read.  The steaminess is back!!  The faithful readers are re-paid with little nods – like the reference to George and the brief glimpses of Xhex and Rhevenge.  And we are clearly being prepared for more to come with all these new characters and the potential new threat to the BDB (versus the threat the Omega poses to the entire race).  My big question – who will the next book be about?  Can’t wait to see!


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