Primed for #7

In the same vein as the BDB, I have a page for the Primal Instinct Series by Rhyannon Byrd.  I had read the first book, Edge of Hunger, some time ago.  And I bought a bunch of the next installments, but never read through them.  Until this past weekend.  I received a copy of the galley for Rush of Darkness and realized I needed to get on it, and catch up!  So, over the weekend, I read books 2 through 5 and started on 6.  All so that I can get to 7 before it is published.

I didn’t create reviews for each of the books because they all sort of bled together, as I read them in one sitting, essentially.  I can say this though.  I was not a fan of Riley’s book.  In this genre, it”s not exactly as if the relationship is ever really based on much more then lust.  But here, it’s even less then normal.  They spend no time together, and we are supposed to believe that they were high school sweethearts and after many years apart, they simply declare undying love and are ok with not really knowing or learning anything about each other.  Unlike the other books here (or again, in this genre) where the two characters spend long car rides together, or are traipsing all over Europe, or what ever else looks them together for a while, here, the really don’t spend any time together.  And, some of the terminology used in the steamy scenes is awfully repetitive.  I got the sense that the author was running out of words to describe things, pieces of anatomy, and those feelings of lust.  Not to mention, the book itself didn’t move the plot along all that far.  Except to say that Kellan now feels guilty for sleeping with a female Casus (and we now know for sure that there are female Casus out there too).


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