Cassandra Clare’s City Pages

Preparing for City of Angels by Cassandra Clare!  This series is one of the first, besides Harry Potter, that convinced me there is great reading to be done in the YA genre.  City of Ashes was one of my favorite books, for a long time.  And I am really eager to re-read the series.  I was surprised to see then, that I almost forgot that City of Fallen Angels is coming out April 5th.  While I have some reservations about the fourth installment, I am nonetheless looking forward to it.   (And wondering if we will agains have some guest appearances from Holly’ Black’s Tithe characters.)

I will share my reservations.

The story arc was completed!  Why contort it?  Why take the risk that the series will turn into one the caliber of the Immortal series by Alyson Noel.  I mean, that series started out awesomely!  And then, it got stretched from  trilogy into, I don’t know what.  And it got awful, fast.

I like that most of the loose ends were tied up.  That means that the author needs to either come up with loose ends that might not have really been there in the first place, or create an entirely new story arc.  Which begs the question, why not do what Rick Riordan did with the Percy Jackson/Lost Heros series?  They share the same characters, and I am treating them as the same series because of all the overlap, but the author didn’t try to convince me that it is the same series since it is a different arc governing the later books.

And finally, I am afraid for the characters – they are certainly going to have their happiness tested.  It’s sort of what I liked about Always a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough – despite the plot, our couple got to be together.  I just don’t think the happily ever after for each of the couples will survive.  But, that is pure speculation.  And there’s no way to know, until we get into installment #5.


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