Ok, so I cheated!

I realized that in order to catch up on many of the PNR pages it would take for-ev-er!  So… I cheated!  For those series where there are a whole buncha installments already I am taking a different approach.  I have a page for the series which summarizes the series, lists the books and which couples pair off in each installment and important facts about each installment and other important characters.  And, as I read new installments, I will either update the page or create pages for the new installments as I read them.

This means for series like the Black Dagger Brotherhood or the Lords of the Underworld there is a single page for the first 8 or 9 books.  And, I will take it from there as the next installments come out later this year.

It’s not that I’m not willing to do the work.  It’s just that I want to be ready to read Lover Unleashed next week and I won’t be if I try to do the first 8 (and a half) pages!

So, the new pages are:

  • Black Dagger Brotherhood – through Lover Mine
  • Lords of the Underworld – through Darkest Lie
  • Accidental Friends – pages for each through Accidental Human, with Accidentally Demonic scheduled for “release” today

More to come!


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