Not hungry for more after reading Hunger

So, I received a galley for Rage by Jackie Morse Kessler.  And I was totally excited by the synopsis.  So, I ran out and bought Hunger, the first in the series titled (as per goodreads) “The Horseman of the Apocalypse: The Rider’s Quartet”.  And, like with Rage, the synopsis was so intriguing.  When I finished, I was anything but hungry for more of this series.

But, as I hav said before, once I start reading, I can’t stay away from the installments in a series, even bad ones.  For those who don’t want to bother with the page on the book, my review is below.  And… I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to bother with the page, given how I feel about the book!


I am confused as to the overall arc of this series.  And I am confused by Death telling our main character that she can die or be Famine and then when she doesn’t want to be Famine anymore he just lets her out of it and she doesn’t die.  Maybe I missed something (although it would be hard to do that given how short the book was).
This book was not what I expected.  It was a trip through the mind of someone with an eating disorder.  Although it wasn’t as horrible as I would have expected (especially after seeing at the end that the author says she suffered from an eating disorder when she was younger) it to be – for a story trying to convey some of the horrors of an eating disorder.

Again, I am lost as to what the overall purpose of the series is.  Some series have one story arc without smaller stories which are solved in each installment (think Alyson Noel’s immortal series) and some have stories within the stories (think Harry Potter or Percy Jackson).  Here, I have no idea what the overall story arc is.  And, to boot, the individual story was confusing and inconsistent.  I was taken back by Lisa’s ability to reject the post as Famine and then simply go back to life as usual.  Seems like we really didn’t accomplish much.

The writing at times was excellent.  The character of Death was really quite amusing.  But this was overshadowed by the times where the writing was the opposite of excellent and the plot holes.  We don’t know what the Rider is supposed to do.  Is the series supposed to be about bringing the Apocalypse?  It would be a natural conclusion given the title of the series and the fact that, you know, we have the Four Horsemen here.  But, I don’t get the sense that this is the case.  It appears that we are supposed to guess that there simply must always be a Rider.  But I don’t know.  I would like to see where this story arc is going.

It’s hard to say much about a book so short.  Given my issues, I am a little bummed that I just spent $8 for a book that (i) was almost as short as this review,  (ii) really doesn’t seem to give me any clue as to where the series is headed, and (iii) really gives me only one character that I like and that character happens to be Death.
I am already half way through with Rage and am sad to say it seems to have the same trend.  But, I will reserve final judgment until I am finished.


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