Is the Lost Hero still lost?

Added my review for The Lost Hero.  It’s not a very long review, but it is my review.  It’s on the page for the book – but in case you are avoiding spoilers, here it is too (with one or two little changes from what’s on the page):

The most frustrating issue with this book (and the series that it’s not related to – but is) is that the author doesn’t really do subtly well.  The premise is a good one – in fact, I love that there will be a tie in to the Roman mythology.  So often that pantheon gets ignored.  I expect it to be a wonderful way to tie the two pantheon’s together.  But, the fact that the author, and some of the characters, appear to know more then we do but we don’t get the information – hits us over the head repeatedly.  All this by Chiron – “You should be dead… but I can’t tell you anything”  and Jason having feelings but remembering nothing and Hera dropping hints about an exchange but not telling anything more… and then, when Chiron at the end, despite his swearing on the river Styx spills a lot of the info, but not all of it?  Well, it’s a little tiring.

And, why not just say the books are all part of the same series?  We get the sense that we will see Percy at some point since he’s part of the exchange.  From the moment the book started, it was impossible to not guess that Percy is off somewhere in the same situation as Jason.  I wonder whether the title refers to Jason or Percy – even after reading the book which leads to the question: is the Lost Hero still Lost?

The relationships were written, I think, better in this installment.  We get more of a feeling that Piper and Jason should like each other.  Leo’s reaction as the third in the trio where there is a couple is more natural and works a little better then Grover/Annabeth-Percy.  And Leo’s dialogue, especially when he’s joking around, is great comic relief.  Drew was written well enough that I really don’t like her and had to suppress the urge to cheer out loud when Piper puts Drew in her place.

The battle scenes are a little tough to read sometimes, like in the prior books (except the last one) since we know that the heros are all going to survive since there is the bigger prophecy to deal with.  So, in some ways they feel disposable.  Necessary to set up the big showdown that will eventually be coming, and to establish who is on which side, but they aren’t exactly edge of the seat battles since we know the three main heroes are all going to survive.

Still, I liked it.  I am looking forward to the Son of Neptune.  I need to brush up on my Roman mythology though – since I am more familiar with the Greek mythology and didn’t feel as surprised when the Greek versions of the myths were discussed.


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