I don’t care what the author says!

Despite the fact that the author himself merely says the Heroes of Olympus is “related” to the Percy Jackson series, I refuse to separate them from one another.  I, like Hera, think drastic steps need to be taken.  While I can not orchestrate an exchange of heros, I can ensure I treat them all the same and send them to the same camp, I mean page.

So…  my latest page is the one on The Lost Hero, the first in Rick Riordan’s new series,  which according to what I read on the author’s webpage is merely related to the Percy Jackson series, but not part of the same series.  And, yet, I am treating them as one and the same series.  If you review the characters and the main premise, you will understand why.  And if you’ve read the Lost Hero I would guess you probably agree that there is a tremendous amount of overlap.  Not to mention, I am sure we haven’t seen the last of Percy.

So…  as Hera suggests in the book – I am uniting the two camps.  I don’t have the restriction she has – I can interfere all I like!  It’s my site!  I will post the review for the book shortly.  But I wanted to get the page up before I mixed up the details.  Enjoy.


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