Great Debate No More

Well, I started reading the Lost Hero over the weekend.  And my great debate is no more.  The matter is settled now that I see how closely connected the Percy Jackson and the Heros of Olympus series are. 

I definitely needed to add the page for the Last Olympian.  The tie into this new series, and the details needed from the first series, are obvious.  Percy is all over this book even though (so far at least) he’s not made an appearance.  Annabeth is a major character.  And the references to things from the first sereis can be found in virtually every chapter.  Chiron is an unhelpful as always – he knows all but refuses to share any information.  We have heros on a quest that is being influenced as a result of the war that just ended.  And there is another prophecy.  So… 

After realizing how important the last book in the Percy Jackson series is to the Lost Hero, and therefore potentially the Son of Neptune…  the page is up.  And I decided that any series that has realted stories will get pages for the last books.  Just in case.


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