The great debate

So, I totally intended to get to Jane True next, but realized that I hadn’t finished the Percy Jackson pages.  Now the debate:  Is it worth it to create a page for the last Percy Jackson book.  It’s supposed to be the last in that series (unlike the Faierewalker books where I finished the last one I read, but there are more books coming).  If it’s the last, do I really need the page?  There won’t be anything else to read after that I need the refresher for.  But in the YA genre (at least) series never truly seem to die.  Rumor has it that the next series by this author references Percy and I may need to worry about the link, but I haven’t read the first one in that series yet.  What to do, what to do?!

To avoid the great debate, I am going to wait on the Last Olympian page and reading the Lost Hero until after I finish Jane True (and the first Curse Workers book) and maybe the Werewolf upstairs.  (There are just too many good books I want to read!!  Right away!!  I need more hours in the day.  The stack of “to read” books on my desk is enormous and the books on my nook which need to be read – well, there are too many to count.)  These are books where the covers scream at me every day (and what do they scream at me, you ask.  Why, they scream “READ ME!!!!!” of course) and I just can’t wait to read them.  Jane True is necessary to handle as soon as I can since I definitely need a refresher on the first two before diving into this installment.  All I really remember at the moment is the name of the 3 main characters and the fact that I loved them.  I know I need to skim through the first 2, so it may be a week or two before I add these pages (admittedly, I am half way through Black Cat since I needed a new book to read over the weekend and I only had my nook, not my copy of Tempest’s Legacy) but I will get there.

Thoughts on the utility of a page on the last book in a series would be appreciated.  If anyone is out there reading these posts besides me… **hears crickets**  🙂


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