Finished with the First!!

Well, I have managed to update an entire series.  Or, at least, an entire series to date.  The Faeiriewalker Series by Jenna Black (Remedial Magic, Glimmerglass and Shadowspell) are all up and waiting for the next installment which isn’t due for a few months.  So, we’ll get to see how well these pages work after all.  Now, if only I could get to the books where the next installment is much more imminent…  acckkk!!!!  Need.  More.  Time!!!

One note related to the titles.  Glimmerglass is revealed as the view a Faeiriewalker gets when looking at the boundries between Avalon and Faeirie.  Shadowspell…  not sure where that actually came from.   Remedial Magic, well that’s an easy one if you read the really short story that it is (Kimber is trying to learn magic and she’s not very good at it, hence, Remedial Magic lessons.)

Now off to finish the Dark Devine, since I read the first one yesterday (and most of the second one too).  I need to put in the info on that book before it blends with the second!

Happy reading!


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