A Glimmer of the Glimmerglass Series

I read Glimmerglass by Jenna Black in 24 hours.  So, it doesn’t really need stating that it was a quick read.  It was good, but I am definitely glad that I have the prequel/bonus story and the second installment to dive right into.

Series like these that have no real end to any particular installment are harder for me to read – and track from book to book while reading other stuff in between installments.   I like the HP style where there is a story within the overall story arc so much better.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t great stories who don’t fit that mold, but I feel so much better when there is time between books and I can feel there’s an episode ending even though the series hasn’t ended.  For me, without the mini-story which is like an individual tv episode (you know, no “to be continued” or cliff hanger), details flow easier into the next book (or books) that I read and it all sort of mushes together.  But, that’s why I started this little series tracker thing in the first place!

This is the case here since I feel like we were just starting to get into a good story when it ended.  Hence, feeling like I got just a glimmer of the series.  I am looking forward to the next one though…  Hopefully I will have all three (including the prequel) posted before the end of next week and then I can say that I have the first series fully posted – or at least as much of the series has been published!  Yippee!!


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