What the… is SeriesTracker?

Welcome to SeriesTracker!

I realized this year that I read a ton of stuff.  I have always been a soundtrack junkie, but it turns out that I am an even bigger Book Series Junkie.  That’s right.  I love serials.  Even when they are bad.  Once I’ve started, there’s simply no turning back.

And, the book series junkie that I am is causing me issues.  Not so much when I tackle a series that has been around for a while, and I can digest large numbers of installments at once.  But definitely when I am reading more then one series that is still alive and kicking and the time between installments is more then a few weeks.  Add to that the fact that I tend to stick within the same genre… and, well, they all mush together.

Ever find yourself in the same boat?  Having read books, say, 1-4 over the last 2 years, picking up book 5 and scratching your head, thinking, “which set of folks is this about again?” Or thinking you remember it well enough to dive right in and 10 pages later you are thinking “I must have forgotten something” because you only have the vaguest idea as to what’s going on.  So, off to Wikipedia or goodreads only to find that Wiki doesn’t have a page on this series and goodreads only has the publishers snip-it.  And, you don’t want to spend the time re-reading 1-4 at the moment, not when you are dying to know how things all end?

Well, I find myself in that situation all too often.  Add another wrinkle – I read lots of YA and (as the hubby calls it) “Vampire Porn” and well, lets just say that it’s unusual for the stories to be soooo very unique that it’s easy to tell them apart or to remember all the right characters for the right series.  It happens, but not often.  If you read BDB by JR Ward, Lara Adrian’s Midnight Series and Gena Showalter’s Darkest Series, then you know what I am talking about.  On the YA side, I got minute details of Holly Black’s Tithe series mixed up with Cassandra Clark’s City series…

And then we all, especially for us “older” readers, have memory issues to start with.  All this lead me to realize, I can’t be the only one in this situation.  And if nothing else, this blog might make it easier on me when I pick up Clockwork Prince later this year or the next Sookie installment or JR Ward’s next.  If I can organize all the info that fast, anyway.


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